Feb, 08 2012

Stormwater Managment



 Stormwater generated from residential sites has the potential to cause a number of adverse effects.

Flooding, erosion of stream channels and pollution of streams and beaches are all problems that can be

associated with stormwater. These problems are often made worse by the process of in-filling and

redevelopment of sites. 


Traditionally, when a site located in an urban area was developed or subject to upgrades, the stormwater

from roof and driveway areas would be connected directly into the existing drainage system. This can

cause problems because older drainage networks often do not have capacity for more flow, nor

incorporate any form of stormwater treatment. 


3-D Construction Enterprises promotes methodologies for on-site control of stormwater that are designed to control the effects of development in an existing urban environment. 

Solutions are  intended to provide guidance to landowners, developers, engineers and surveyors on the stormwater management methods applicable to urban residential sites. 

This includes new houses, house extensions, new garages and driveways. 


 What are the Adverse Effects?

Residential development results in an increase in the area of impervious surfaces on a site (roofs,

driveways, and roads). In addition, development often results in areas of earth around buildings being

compacted, the removal of vegetation and changes in the natural drainage systems.  

When impervious areas are added to a site the stormwater runoff from the property can potentially

intensify. This can cause localised flooding problems and also contribute to any existing downstream

flooding problems. In addition there is potential for an increase in contaminants associated with

stormwater to be generated from a property. This can have localised adverse affects and contribute to

cumulative degradation in downstream watercourses.

In summary the effects of development on stormwater flows can result in:

•  Flooding as a result of the capacity of existing stormwater reticulation systems being exceeded

•  Stream bank erosion in nearby watercourses

•  Sedimentation in existing watercourses and downstream environments

•  An increased tendency for more severe flooding and increased areas of flooding

•  The increased contamination of receiving environments, both in local streams and in the marine

environment where all stormwater eventually goes

•  Adverse impacts on aquatic resources.

3-D Construction Enterprises promises to deliver an affordable solution to any of your stormwater managment issuse. Give us a call today for you free invetment.