Building Demolition Expert

3D Construction Enterprise is a premier building demolition expert company servicing Tampa & St. Petersburg, Fl. We use our knowledge of construction, engineering, and explosives to safely bring down buildings and other structures. Blowing things up is only part of the job when providing demolition services in Tampa & St. Petersburg, FL. 3D Construction Enterprise also dispose of demolished buildings in ways that do as little harm as possible to the surrounding environment.

While there are only a few trusted companies in Tampa & St. Petersburg, FL 3D Construction Enterprisesoffers residential and commercial demolition services at a price that you can afford as a business/ homeowner.
There are several methods to demolitioning a residential or commercial building.
Blowing up, tearing, and ripping a up buildings is not the only way to take a building down. The growing trend is deconstruction, which involves carefully taking apart of a building one piece at a time. Often, the wood and other materials are salvaged and sent to recycling companies. No matter how old or abandoned a building is, its parts could be used to construct something entirely new.

3D Construction Enterprises likes keeping things green by recycling and reusing the material if at all possible. We work closely with local dump sites and  work strategically to make sure all materials are recycled properly.
With all the efforts of keeping historical properties intact most cities and local communities are trying to preserve our history by remodeling older properties so it minimizes the harsh demolition process which could bring harm to the local communities. 
3D Construction Enterprise specializes in residential and commercial demolition. A safe and successful demolition project requires a working knowledge of both construction and the law. Most communities require demolition permits, and any project involving explosives will be scrutinized by local authorities.
When hiring a trusted demolition company, 3D Construction Enterprises will guarantee to handle all your demolitions services professionally, cost effectively, and in an affordable manner that is competitive in todays market.
Call today and receive your free quote. Servicing all of Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, FL and surrounding cities.