Swimming Pools Popping up In Tampa Bay and Pasco.

 Breaking news reporting from Fox New:


A Brandon, Fl homeowner made a startling discovery this week: roughly three feet of her in-ground swimming pool was jutting out of the dirt.
Jessica Pedraza said Tuesday she is now facing an expensive repair, costing tens of thousands of dollars, and her insurance company won't cover the cost.
This all happened in a matter of hours. Pedraza and her husband drained the pool to clean it Sunday.
"By 9:15 when we got home Monday night, we had this disastrous scene in the back yard," Pedraza said, adding this has become a horrifying experience. "We've got three boys that are basically trapped inside the home and it keeps me up day in and day out."
Pedraza thought this would be covered by insurance, and FOX 13 Consumer Reporter Chris Chmura said that is usually the case.
"If you own a pool and you have homeowner's insurance in Florida, you have coverage," he said. "It's 10 percent of the insured value of the structure itself."
But Pedraza said her insurance company told her they likely will deny her claim. They're pointing to the "exclusions" section of her policy which includes "water below the surface of the ground...which exerts pressure on...a swimming pool or other structure."
Pedraza said she wants other homeowners to know they might face the same situation if their pool is damaged.
"You pay for an insurance policy assuming that you have coverage and the coverage isn't actually there when you go to file the claim," she said.
Now she's trying to figure out what to do next.
"We just have to kind of come out here and evaluate it on a day to day basis," she said, adding she's concerned this problem could take years to resolve.
Pedraza said the insurance company offered her $1,500, roughly the cost of sending out one of their engineers to determine the damage was caused by ground water.
FOX 13 reached out to her insurance company and haven't heard back.
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